• PCES Administrative Team
    Liz Prieboy                                                              Audra Peterson
    Executive Director                                                  Executive Director
    Special Education Division                                       Career and Technical Education                           
    Sandy Bodnar                                                          Chad Franks
    Assistant Director                                                    Principal, PCCTE Center
    Supervisor, Speech Services
    Vida Choucalas
    District Director - MSD of Boone
    Lisa Flynn
    District Director- Duneland School Corporation 
    Christina Giraud
    District Director- Valparaiso Community Schools, Union Township
    Cheryl Hoard
    District Director- East Porter County, Porter Township
    Supervisor - Mutisiciplinary Services
    Stephanie Murray
     District Director- Portage Township Schools
    Quinnlyn Van Rys
    Chief Financial Officer
    Human Resources Officer