A Message from the Executive Director, Diane Massa


    Welcome to Porter County Education Services (PCES).  Our organization was created in 1970 by the then-superintendents of Porter County as a shared initiative to provide quality programs to students with disabilities throughout the county.  From a separate school facility and a handful of classrooms and teachers interspersed throughout those districts, Porter County Education Services now serves almost 4,500 eligible students in the member school districts of the Duneland Schools, the East Porter County School Corporation, MSD of Boone Township, Porter Township, the Portage Township Schools, Union Township and the Valparaiso Community Schools.

    Our mission is to “provide educational opportunities in a caring and dignified environment, recognizing each student’s diverse needs.  Our belief is that all students have the ability to learn, and that innovation, creativity and proven practices can provide a path to success for every learner.  To accomplish this mission, PCES employs teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, school psychologists, educational diagnosticians, administrators and clerical staff, and an additional array of individuals who contribute their knowledge and expertise to the provision of a free, appropriate education to our students.  We respect the unique insights and values that parents bring to the decision making process and strive to create and maintain partnerships with our families that will benefit the children we serve.


    The vast majority of services provided to students with disabilities in our member districts occurs within the student’s home school and home district.  However, a comprehensive continuum of programs also includes various intensive service sites throughout Porter County, including the Special Education Learning Facility (SELF School), a separate educational facility located in Valparaiso.  Access to any special education services provided by PCES occurs as a result of the case conference committee process, which is the required process described in state and federal guidelines.


    At PCES, being a source of information is an essential role that we can carry out for our stakeholders.  Whether we are addressing the questions of parents new to their child’s eligibility, a school staff member in need of collaboration, a sister agency or school hoping to network, a community member seeking resources, or a myriad of other stakeholders with other important needs, we know that we have useful and positive information to share.  We hope that our website supplies you with the information you require and also serves as a link to a variety of other key resources.


    Please feel free to communicate with members of our PCES team by using the information supplied on our homepage.


         Diane Massa
    Ph: (219) 464-9607
    Fax: (219) 462-0867