• We would like to provide you with another update on the progress on SELF School.

    Servpro and Midwest Environmental continue to check, test, and advise us on the discovery of mold at the SELF School. Today, we learned of additional findings in the building, and, therefore, we are going to postpone our staff and students’ return to SELF school. The mold remediation project was more extensive than we had originally anticipated. For this reason, we have to continue to educate our students through the Virtual Learning process with a revised return to school goal of Oct. 12, 2020.

    We are taking this additional time to thoroughly clean the building and replace equipment. While we agree that returning our students and staff to their building as soon as possible is important, ensuring that the school is safe for our staff and students is the top priority. 

    In the meantime, we are going to check the air quality in all of our classrooms, and continue to offer the best educational experience for our SELF students. The SELF staff and parents have been extremely flexible and understanding during this time, and we thank them for continuing to work with us to educate our students. 

    We are going to do everything we can to prevent this situation from occurring in the future. Again, we thank everyone for their patience while we work to resolve this situation.

    This facility houses educational programs which are jointly provided for through interagency agreements with Porter Starke, Vocational Education, and Special Education.  Services are provided for children in Porter County from age three to age twenty-one.
    Special Education Preschool Services are available as well as a Developmental Kindergarten Program.  Elementary, Middle and High School classrooms for students  with severe disabilities and emotional disabilities are also housed at SELF.  Services are also provided for preschool students with communication disorders.  Related Services, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy provided when needed.
    All Special Education Services are provided through an Individual Education Program, commonly called IEP.
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